Zero Waste Purifier-4s UF Pro


Zero Waste Purifier-4s UF Pro

  • Specifications of 4s UF Non Electrical Purifier
  • Brand Name: Aqua Pentus
  • Model Name: 4S UF NE Pro
  • Materials: ABS
  • Included Components: Purifier Kit
  • Part Numbers : Specific
  • Type of Unit: Non Electrical
  • Purification Method: UF(ULTRA FILERATION)
  • Purification Stages:
    A-Sediment Filter
    B-Carbon Filter
    D-Post Carbon
  • Purification Capacity:15 to 20per hrs.
  • Acceptable Beneficiary Size: 6 to 8 Persons
  • Maximum Raw Water TDS:300PPM
  • Application: Sweet Water
  • Max Duty Cycle:2 to 4hrs per day
  • MRP: Rs.5990/- (Inc.GST)
  • Dimensions:37x20x47cm
  • Weight:5kg approx
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount/Counter top
  • Storage Tank:10Ltr.

After sales service/installation/delivery/consumables as per actual extra

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